Norway Marin Foods AS

Wholesaler of fresh frozen fish, located in Norway

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Let's meet

We are Norway Marin Foods AS – exporters of fresh frozen fish.
We are located in Norway, homeland of delicious seafood. Cod, salmon, trout, and crab are just a few types of seafood found in Norwegian waters, restaurants and food markets, with a whole load of other tasty treats available.
We are making that goods available to the whole world, by exporting fresh-caught fish to producers, distributors and other companies. If you would like, you can view our most popular products



The most important part of the deal

We are working with the best logistics companies to ensure that you will receive your goods in time, safe and sound.

All of the shipments and the goods are insured in every possible way, so you would not have to worry about anything.


Fresh frozen Seafood, Caught in Atlantic ocean

The goods we sell is the best possible freshness, frozen and packed directly on sea vessels.