About Us

  • Buying

We are buying our goods by demand of our clients.
That way all of the fish is as fresh as possible, with the least time being in storage.
If you have a demand, we can fulfill it by buying the fish from local auction, if it meets your criteria.

  • Shipping

Nowadays it is possible to transport everything, everywhere.
We are not an exception, we can transport your goods everywhere you like.
Working with our partners and getting required information on the go, we can inform you of the logistics details as soon as you write us a request.

  • Payment terms

We have insurance and guarantee for our exports, so after arranging a purchase we will send out you the goods to your desired location.
We will ask for a payment after the goods have came to the the terminal, so you can check if everything is suiting your needs and we will release it.

  • Quality of products

We can offer you fish of the best quality possible.
It is caught with Autoline equipment – those are selling for higher price than usual.
Longline Cod, Longline Haddock – are the preferred choice of our clients in USA, Canada, Europe. Quantities of fish caught by that technology is quite less than caught with Bottom Trawl, that is why it has higher price on it.

We can also supply fishes caught with Bottom Trawl, this choice is cheaper and mostly preferred in Asian countries.

All of the fish is certified with MSC codes – we can send you detailed information about specific products upon request.

If you have any questions…